Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Treehouse of Horror XXII" First Thoughts

Halloween is never over until the Simpsons Halloween special. Despite the Simpsons debatable decline in quality I always eagerly await the new Treehouse of Horror. So let's take a look, and there will be spoilers. The introduction is a parody of "127 Hours", it's funny and a good way to start.

The first segment is a spoof of the movie "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," Homer is bitten by a spider which paralyses him. While in the backyard he is bitten by a second spider, which gives him Spider powers. So despite being paralyzed he fight's crime as Spider-man, which gives the funniest lines in the whole episode "He has the proportionate strength of a paralyzed Spider!" It's not bad, but some of the lines are pretty stupid.

The second segment is a spoof of "Dexter." Ned Flanders goes around killing people because he thinks God is telling him to, but it's really Homer. When  Ned finds out he try's to kill Homer. This is pretty funny. The last segment is a parody of "Avatar". Bart and Milhouse become aliens like Kang and Kodos. Bart befriends Kang's daughter, and impregnates her. The army invades and the aliens win. This is the weakest of the segments, and It's been done before. Just like the actual Avatar.

Overall this wasn't that bad. It's better then last years. However I do have one problem what does this have to do with Halloween? I mean the only other show on Fox tonight with a Halloween special was the Cleavland Show, and say what you will about it but at least it had something to do with Halloween. But overall, not bad.

Rating: 2.5/5

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