Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sonic the Comic #8 Review


Today I'm going to take a look at something a little different. This isn't the first time I talked about Sonic the Hedgehog comic books however all the comics I reviewed before were published by Archie Comics. While they still continue today there was another comic series released about everyone's favorite hedgehog. However unlike Archie it was released in the UK and published by Fleetway Editions. Sonic the Comic was Sega's official comic and frequently had story's about Sonic and other Sega games.

Living in North America I didn't really know much about the comic series until I watched Afroblu's Sonic the Comic Retrospective. It got me interested in the series, however the comics are pretty much impossible to find over here. But I did read the Officially Unofficial continuation called Sonic the Comic Online which I have enjoyed, and I'm in the process of reading the actual series since I found a way to read them. It was a hard choice to pick an issue to review today. My choice was between Issue 7 the first appearance of this version of Super Sonic or Issue 8 which detailed Sonic's origins. I decided to do Issue 8, and just for clarification I only found the Sonic strips so I'm not going to be able to review the other story's in the book.

The comic opens with Tails, Porker Lewis, and Johnny Lightfoot watching Sonic as he uses a Star Post to bring them to the Special Zone. They enter the Special Zone, and avoid obstacles as they make there way to the Omni-Viewer, The Controller of the Special Zone. Sonic tells the Omni-Viewer that he wants to show his friends the truth about Robotnik and how Sonic got his powers. It turn's out Sonic knew Robotnik when he was the kind Dr. Ovi Kintobor. Back then Sonic was just a normal brown hedgehog.

It turn's out Kintobor was trying to rid the planet of all evil by using the Golden Rings to transfer all the evil into the Chaos Emeralds. However he couldn't find the Seventh Emerald so the process was very unstable. Interested in Sonic's speed he conducted some experiments that helped Sonic run faster in return for Sonic helping him to find the last Chaos Emerald. During a test of new sneakers that were meant to help Sonic go even faster Sonic broke the sound barrier, which caused him to turn blue and his quills merged together.

Later while throwing out a rotten egg, Kintobor tripped over a wire and fell into the machine that was going to transfer all the evil of the world into the Chaos Emeralds. The resulting explosions transformed him into the Evil Dr. Robotnik. So yeah the Robotnik in this continuity is literally an Eggman. I know it seems a bit silly but this turn's into a plot point much later. Anyway Sonic is interrupted by the Omni-Viewer who tells him to run away. The comic ends with Robotnik using the Omni-Viewer to send Sonic and his friends into the future.

This comic wasn't bad. The art was great, and the story while a bit silly is actually pretty good. However I find the way Sonic and Robotnik transform really silly. I mean I can kinda see why Sonic transformed but Robotnik's is just laughable. I'm not demeaning him as a villain I'm just saying an explosion of evil energy combining a person with a rotten egg is kinda silly. Anyway I thought it was a good comic, and I recommend the series to any Sonic fan. Especially fan's of the games since this a series actually has much more to do with the games then the Archie Comics.

Rating: 4/5
Sonic Chronicles' Ending totally ripped off this comic

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