Friday, August 17, 2012

Grant Morrison's Action Comics #1 Review


So it's been a year since the End of the Old DC Continuity. The New 52 has almost reached the end of it's first year, and DC has lost a whole lot of readers. But I'm not here to talk about the reboot in general, I'm here to talk about Action Comics #1. If you remember my "Top 5 Comics of 2011" while talking about Superman Beyond I mentioned that I didn't like Action Comics #1. So since it's almost been a year since reading this, I thought I would finally explain why.

The story is essentially set up for the new status quo. We open with two business men doing something bad. There interrupted by Superman who's first statement is "Rats. Rats with money. And Rats with Guns. I'm your worst nightmare." That sounds like something Superman would say don't you think. Superman then proceeds to beat up everyone there. The police come, and find him about to drop the business man off the building there on.

Superman tells the police he won't let him go until he confesses to his crimes. He then proceeds to drop him off the building, but catches him before he can hit the ground. Grinning the whole time. Superman then tells him he's going to keep doing it until the business man admits, of course after having enough the first time the business man admits to a number of thing but I'm not sure anyone would trust his word at this point since I'm pretty sure he's in shock and would admit to anything to get away from Superman. After the business man admits, Superman flees from the police all the while grinding while a bunch of bullets fly off him, which could injure any number of bystanders.

Superman returns home after he saves some homeless people who were living in a building about to be demolished. He talks to his landlord, named Ms.Nyxly. I wonder if she has anything to do with Mister Myxlplyx. Anyway he call's and warns Jimmy and Lois to not get one any trains but they do anyway. The train go's out of control, and Superman has to stop it. This is revealed to be a plan by Lex Luthor who's working with the US Government to capture Superman. His plan is to aim the biggest bullet at Superman, the bullet of course being a Bullet Train. The comic ends with Superman stopping the train but get knocked unconscious and captured by the Government. Proving that this Superman may be faster then a speeding bullet, but not stronger then a locomotive.

Before I get to my overall thoughts I want to say, yes I know what Grant Morrison is trying to do. I know he's trying to take Superman back to his roots, but I don't think it works and I'm going to explain why. You see this Superman is arrogant, violent, and overall unlikable. He treats everyone like there beneath him, and he's so beyond what Superman represents it's not even funny. This Superman rules through intimidation and fear, like Batman.

Except even Batman is more restrained then him. He's actually more like the Batman from All-Star Batman and Robin, running around grinning while beating up anyone who he deems a criminal. Speaking of Batman there is something else I have to address. There seems to be a double standard involving this comic. You see I know people who will not except Tim Burton's Batman killing people. Some non-comic fan will use the excuse that he killed when he was originally released, but the comic fan won't except it as an excuse because they know Batman is a character that evolved beyond that point.

It's the same thing here. But the difference is those same people say Grant Morrison is a genius for bringing Superman back to his origins. But there's a reason why he changed. It's been almost 75 years, and you have to expect a character to change with the times. Bringing Superman back to his roots did nothing but make him unlikable. I think Superman deserves better.

I didn't hate this book as much as I'm coming off as. It has good art, and it has some good moments. What makes me angry is the fact that this is a masterpiece to some people. While there is a chance this might get better, this one issue goes against everything Superman as a character stands for. Well that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading. I know I'm coming off as a bit of a fanboy but I think what I had to say needed to be said

Rating: 2/5

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