Friday, August 3, 2012

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2 Review


It's Godzilla! The most well known giant monster ever. Growing up I didn't really know much about Godzilla, most of my knowledge came from that bad American remake/adaptation. I could spend a whole article explaining why that movie is a horrible betrayal but i don't really have the time or the money to track down a copy of it in order to review it. Though it did have a Animated Spin-Off which had an interesting opening. Anyway I got more interested in Godzilla after watching James Rolfe's Monster Madness. So like many other comics I got this last October in order to prepare for Halloween. So let's check out "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2", now with 99.9% less Matthew Broderick.

The comic open's in the middle of a Godzilla attack. A man is running around looking for his children. It then cuts to later that day as the man watches Godzilla destroy Tokyo, as he is leaving he discovers a military truck filled with explosives. We then cut to the Vernadsky State Geological Museum in Moscow, where students are learning about a meteor impact that happened in 1908. A sudden earthquake happens, and as everyone is evacuating one of the kids steals the meteorite. As there leaving all the birds start to fall from the sky. We then go to Mexico where Anguirus starts to attack.

Back at Moscow the boy returns home, and brings the Meteorite to his room. He tries to break it open since he thinks there's diamonds inside but it's revealed to be an egg. A baby Rodan hatches from the egg, and the boy hides it in his closet until he get's back from hockey practice. Meanwhile Anguirus is still attacking, and this alerts the President of the United States who is obviously suppose to be Obama but they call him Ogden. President Ogden holds a press conference, and he tells the press that he's doing everything he can but conventional weapon's don't seem to affect either Godzilla or Anguirus.

Back in Moscow, the boy return's home with a cat he plan's to feed to Rodan. But he finds his room destroyed, and all his lizards have been eaten by a now much larger Rodan. It then eats him, and flies away leaving the cat that the boy planed to feed to it. We then cut to the Texas/Mexico boarder where the Governor has put up a wall to keep Anguirus out of America. I have a feeling the Governor is supposed to be someone to, since he doesn't like Ogden, and start's saying he's a coward for letting the boarders go unprotected. He then builds a wall made of unbreakable "100% Pure American Steel", but when Anguirus inevitably breaks through it he immediately blames Ogden for allowing him to build a wall out of such faulty material.

Finally we cut back to Godzilla who is now destroying Yokohama. The man from before has strapped a bunch of bombs to himself, and plan's to Kamikazi himself destroying both him and Godzilla in the process. However his sacrifice is for nothing as the bomb barley even bothers Godzilla. The comic ends with Godzilla going back to destroying the city.

I have mix feelings about this comic. On the one hand it has some good art, and the monsters all look like they should however the characters, with the exception of the father who lost his kids, are unlikable. Especially the kid and the Governor. Speaking of which I really don't like the Political Satire. Especially since I'm Canadian, and I don't get everything there Satirizing. I wouldn't have such a problem if there wasn't more Satire then Godzilla. I'm serious, for a book called Godzilla he's barley in any of it. He's in a total of 8 pages out of a 22 page book, and in half of those he's only shown in one small panel in silhouette or on a TV screen. Overall I can't really recommend it but If your a Godzilla fan I think it's worth checking out.

Rating: 2/5

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