Saturday, June 30, 2012

Campfire Comic's The Invisible Man Review


I found this while looking through books at a book store last October. Since it was around Halloween I decided to check it out. This is an comic adaptation of the 1897 book the Invisible Man written by H.G. Wells. So let's see if this is a good adaptation.

The comic is about Griffin, a young medical student that invents a formula that turns him invisible. He goes to an inn to find a way to reverse his experiment in peace however he is eventually driven insane due to his failure to find a cure. He starts to get delusions of grandeur, and he starts to kill people. However he is outsmarted by the police, and is eventually killed by a mob. His invisibility then wears off due to his death.

This is a pretty good adaptation of the novel. It follows the same story and doesn't diverge much if at all. The character's are good, and it would be ridiculous to say I didn't like the story since it is classic literature. The art is pretty good to though it does try to be to realistic at times.

This book does however get pretty violent for something that is for children. I mean at one point Griffin strangles a guy to death, and another point it shows a cat who's fur and skin have become transparent due to the formula so all you can see is muscle. Other then that it's still a great book I recommend it if you can find it. Plus it's pretty cheap.

Rating: 5/5

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