Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #658 Review


Wow it's almost been a year since the Death of Ultimate Spider-Man, and so far he hasn't been brought back. Which is more the I can say for most of the characters in Ultimate X-men. However we do have a new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Who's story's have been good from what I've read. But I bet there are still some people that miss good old Peter Parker. But since he's still alive in the Main Marvel Universe I don't really know why. Anyway this is a special issue since it is a celebration issue of the 50th Anniversary of the Fantastic Four. So let's check it out.

The comic open's with Peter and Carlie about to spend the night together when Peter see's a Fantastic Four flare, like the one from Fantastic Four #1. Right before he can think of an excuse to leave, Carlie get's a call, and has to go on investigate a Superhero/villain related crime. When she leave's Peter goes to Horizon Labs to get his Fantastic Four costume. But when he get's to the Baxter Building Ben and Sue get angry at the costume since they stopped calling themselves the Fantastic Four when Johnny Storm "sacrificed" himself to save them. They go by the Future Foundation now, and they give Peter an new costume.

They all go on Silver Age like adventures, like helping a Living Atom to stabilize herself before she explodes and tear into the dimension there from. Meanwhile Carlie is investigating a crime that has something to do with Wraith when Peter call's her and tells her that Horizon Labs is sending him on a business trip. The team go to the future to figure out what's causing all the problems, and Mr.Fantastic tells Peter not to use any of the information he see's here for personal gain. The comic ends with Carlie going to Horizon to figure out where Peter went, and the secretary tells her that they didn't send him anywhere. There is also a back up story about Spider-man teaming up with Ghost Rider.

This comic is good. I love the Silver Age feel to the comic, and art really helps with that. It's the way a Fantastic Four book should be. There's a bit of character development, and despite what happened to get her I like Carlie. Overall it's not a bad book, and I recommend it to any fans of the Fantastic Four.

Rating: 4/5

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