Saturday, September 8, 2012

Green Lantern Annual #1 Review


Let's say there were all powerful beings. Imagine that they constantly made mistakes and tried to hide them all even when they were coming back to bite them. A group that was, for the most part, as much to blame for all the evil in the universe as the evil itself. That is what the Guardians of Universe are. As long as I've read comics I've always hated the Guardians of the Universe, they constantly abuse there power, and never learn from there mistakes. Sure they have done some good, but most of the time the Green Lantern's have to fix problems related to mistake they made in the past. So of course it shocks no one when they turn evil. So without further delay, let's take a look at Green Lantern Annual #1 and see the Guardians' decent into madness.

The story is about the Guardians trying to create a Third Army in order to remove all chaos from the universe. There definition of Chaos is Free Will. In order to create this army they need someone known only by the First Lantern. They fight against some of the old Oans that were guarding the First Lantern. The Leader of the Oans is killed, and the Guardians take The First Lantern. Meanwhile on Earth, Hal Jordan and Sinestro were buried alive by Black Hand. Hal manages to dig himself out, and tries to dig out Sinestro but is stopped by Black Hand who tells him if he lets Sinestro die he will let Hal speak to his father. Hal doesn't agree, and fights Black Hand.
 Lies! That's not Alan Scott.*sarcasm*

Hal is over powered without his ring, and is about to be killed but is saved at the last second by Sinestro. Sinestro uses some of the energy he used to create Hal's ring in order to summon his Lantern so they could both power up there rings. They start to fight against Black Hand, and the Guardians notice what was going on. They teleport to Earth, and power up Black Hand who seemingly kills both Sinestro and Hal. However the ring goes off to find a new Green Lantern, and to tell them what the Guardians are planing. The comic ends with the Guardians using the power of the First Lantern to create the first of the Third Army. A being with no will of it's own, and who can assimilate any other living being.

This comic is actually pretty good. The art is not bad but not the best. We get some good character moments from Hal and Sinestro, and the story's really interesting. Like I said in the beginning It was no shock to me that the Guardians turned evil, I mean they pretty much were always evil but now they actually are the villains of the whole Universe. Overall it's a pretty good comic, and I recommend it to Green Lantern fans. But I recommend that you read the rest of Geoff Johns run first.

Rating: 4/5

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