Sunday, September 16, 2012

Double Dragon Neon Review

---Note: If your just here for the review you might want to skip to the second paragraph---

I know, I know. I'm taking another week to review a video game when I should be reviewing a comic. Well there are a couple of reasons why I'm not reviewing a comic this week. The biggest reason is that I started a new job recently, and I haven't had time to prepare for my regular comic review. The second reason is that I've lost a lot of interest in mainstream comics recently. Due to the business practices of both Marvel and DC I don't get a lot of there comics anymore. Now I only read Archie's Sonic and Megaman comics as well as catching up on some old Trades. Since I read only one book monthly I have a lot of money left over which I spend on other media such as Video Games and Movies. Which brings us here.

I'm not the biggest fan of side-scrolling beat'um ups. The only ones I've played are the heavily censored SNES version of Final Fight, Knights of the Round, and The King of Dragons. The only exposure I've had with the Double Dragon Series is playing Double Dragon 3 on my Brother's Girlfriend's NES. The game barely worked, and when it did it was almost unplayable. So going into this I didn't know what to expect.

The story isn't that deep or meaningful. You play as Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy who must save Billy's Girlfriend Marian from the evil Skullmageddon (Who totally isn't Skeletor's Japanese Cousin). They must fight there way threw hordes of Punks and Girls in Dominatrix gear in order to save Marian, and beat Skullmageddon.

The Gameplay is pretty straight forward, and it's good to see a Beat'em up that uses all it's buttons unlike Final Fight which uses two. You can do a standard attack, pick-up weapons, and you can even use the Right Bumper to do a special attack. The Graphics are pretty good, and the environments look nice. Defeating enemy's is pretty easy if you know what to do, but it can be really slow especially since they don't have a health bar. One problem with the enemy's is that some of the turn invincible before doing an attack. This can cause a problem since if you attack them while there invincible it's pretty much impossible to avoid there attack.

If you asked me to describe this game in two words I would say "The 80's." This game is so 80's from the characters saying 80's catchphrases to the very rocking soundtrack. Like I said Skullmageddon is essentially Skeletor, You revive your partner by rewinding a mix tape, every special move has it's own cheesy 80's song, and every time you finish a level the characters air guitar like their Bill and Ted. I can imagine this game being nostalgic for a person who lived in the 80's, even I find it awesome and I was born in '93. Of course not everybody's going to appreciate the cheesyness but if you were buying this game and expecting a deep and profound gaming experience you seriously need to choose your games more wisely.

Overall this is a great game, with great music, and awesome 80's action. You can get it on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points and if you have a PlayStation Plus Membership you can get the game for free. But like I said this game is not for everyone so before you buy it and start b*tching about it on Youtube go download the Demo first. This isn't the Wii. You can see if you like the game before you spend your hard earned money on it. Not that the Wii is bad but it's seriously lacking in the Demo department.

Rating: 4/5

*By the way this game has the best ending credits ever* 

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