Friday, June 3, 2011

Young Justice/Batman TBATB Super Sampler Review

Hello, and welcome to my first comic review. Today were going to look at the "Young Justice/Batman the Brave and the Bold Super Sampler." This comic was given out free during Free Comic Book Day and it is advertising the comic book adaptations of both Young Justice and Batman the Brave and the Bold. so let`s get started. First off the cover isn't to bad it's your standard team running at the reader, but the look on Robin's face looks weird and makes him look like a monkey. Aqualad is far in the background so he isn't very detailed, one arm looks to big and the other one is moving like it's a worm trying to escape the rest of his body.

 The comic starts with Young Justice running at the screen again while Robin narrates the premise of Young Justice. Basically a bunch of sidekicks want to be heroes like there partners, there partners won't let them, so they become a new team under the supervision of Red Tornado.

Red Tornado get's a call from Batman, and he sends the team to Colorado. There they discover the Psycho Pirate trying to seal Plutonium while using alliteration to piss off Kid Flash. Robin however is wondering why Pcycho Pirate would need Plutonium as it doesn't fit his M.O.

For those of you who don't know Psycho Pirate is a villain that uses several golden faceplate's with the power to controls others' emotions, these faceplate's are known as the Medusa Mask. Psycho Pirate uses the Medusa mask to make a couple scientists attack the team. While the others are fighting, Kid Flash tries to take the plutonium from Psycho Pirate but fails due to him not being able to get there before the Psycho Pirate activates his Medusa Mask.Which makes me wonder just how fast Kid Flash is, if he can't move faster then the speed of thought he is slower then Superman at this time.

The team starts to doubt there ability's due to Psycho Pirate's powers. Kid Flash snaps out of it quickly due to his sped-up metabolism, he manages to take away the Medusa mask, and get back the Plutonium. However he is stopped by the Atomic Skull who was behind it all along. However due to the team snapping out of it they all work together to get the Plutonium back. Despite Atomic Skull getting away.

Well where not done yet, this is after all a two part comic. The second story starts off at a charity ball where a  couple of snooty rich people are wondering where Bruce Wayne is. They start to discuss how all Bruce Wayne cares about "--is Bruce!"

However the reason Bruce isn't there is because he's out as Batman saving a people from a burning building with the help of the Flash. The Flash puts out the fire by making a vortex and Batman thinks one of the Flash's villains, Heatwave, is behind it. This is right next to snooty rich people talking about how stupid and selfish Bruce Wayne is.

Flash runs around Gotham, eventually finding Heatwave along with another villain Firefly, who shines a green light at the Flash which makes him as thin as paper while Heatwave tries to make roasted Bat. Heatwave however didn't count on Batman's cape to be fire proof, Batman throw's a Bat-a-rang at Heatwave severing the fuel line to his Flamethrower. Flash starts to vibrate in order to speed up his metabolism so that Firefly's light wares off.

Flash then  run around the villains which strips them down to their boxers, and Batman punches them. The comic concludes with Alfred apologizing for Bruce's absence, and gives one of the snooty people a blank check saying that Bruce said to fill out the check with double the earning they made that night. Alfred leaves saying that Bruce "hates publicity for his good works."

The comic wasn't to bad. It did seem to cartoony at some points but i liked it. It reminded me of the times i use to watch old superhero shows like Teen Titans and the 90's Spider-Man tv show as a kid. The art isn't too bad but it looks weird in some places.

Young Justice rating: 3/5
Batman rating: 2.5/5

Anyway i guess I'll see you tomorrow where i will give my opinion on X-men First Class.

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