Friday, June 17, 2011

Uncanny X-men #329 Review

Today I'm going to review Uncanny X-men #329, which was the first X-men comic I read.Jeph Loeb is one of the writers. You know the guy who wrote such quality Marvel comics like "Ultimates 3" and "Ultimatum". To be fair to Loeb I liked Batman Hush, and to be completely honest Hush is what got me into comics so let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Back to the comic:

The cover is not that bad. Wolverine and Archangel are attaching an unknown person in a robe. The only problem that I have is that it doesn't have a n number on it so at first I wasn't sure if it was part of the main line or a special. We open with fingers pointing to a pool of an unknown green liquid with an Old man, Wolverine, Archangel, and an injured Psylocke reflected in it.

The fingers belong to Doctor Strange, who is having a vision. He thinks the X-men need the help of his "CATASTROPHIC MAGIC." It is here we see the first problem with the art in this book, no one has eyes. Either their eyes are completely white with no irises, or the eyes are just lines like their Brock from Pokemon.

Doctor Strange goes to look for Wolverine and Archangel. Meanwhile in Little Asia, Archangel is with Wolverine who thinks he knows where to fine an elixir that might help Psylocke, who got injured in a fight with Sabertooth. Archangel thinks he should be at Psylocke's side but Wolverine tells him to shut up, and that she'll be fine.

Both of them go into a restaurant. Outside the Japanese (Or Chinese) letters from a sign start to climb up to the roof. They are being controlled by a guy with snake eyes, who isn't surprised that Wolverine and Archangel is there.

Archangel isn't happy, and is about to leave. Wolverine tells him to sit back down, and they get attacked by steam ninjas. What are Steam Ninjas? I have no idea, and apparently neither does Wolverine or Archangel. Luckily the narrator explains that they are ethereal mist. I don't know about you but i still have no idea what they are. All i know is they look like CGI, so they will be known as the CGI Ghost Ninjas.

 Wolverine and Archangel start to fight the CGI Ghost Ninja. Wolverine discovers their weak to metal, and Archangel attacks causing the CGI Ghost Ninja to split into more CGI Ghost Ninjas. An old woman is seen watching the fight, so Wolverine stabs her. Yeah bit of an overreaction there Wolverine.

It turns out she was controlling the CGI Ghost Ninjas so they disappear. Archangel tells Wolverine that he shouldn't of killed her. But Wolverine revels:

Anyway it's the old man shown in the pool of water, his name is Gomurr the Ancient. Wolverine tells him there looking for a pint of Crimson Dawn, Gomurr refuses to help them. So Wolverine "persuades" him to help, the only way Wolverine knows how, by threatening him. Then Doctor Strange shows up, and the comic ends. Ok..

The comic wasn't that bad but there was a lot of bad things about it. First off the art it's not the worst but the characters lack of eyes and the computer generated ninjas make the comic lose some points. Another thing that's wrong is the fact everything written in CAPITALS like everything is in CAPS LOCK. Finally the story is a bit confusing, and nothing is explained. So the final score for Uncanny X-men #329 is a: 2/5

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