Saturday, June 4, 2011

"X-men: First Class" First thoughts

As you should know X-men First Class came out yesterday and it was amazing. This is what a X-men movie should be. After movies like X-men Origins Wolverine i kind of lost faith in Marvel comic book adaptations. That's why i didn't go to see Thor or Ironman 2 but First Class gave me faith in Marvel again.

Michael Fassbender was great as Magneto, and Kevin Bacon's portrayal as Sebastian Shaw was awesome as a villain. Thank god Hugh Jackman wasn't in this movie (well he was but only as a 10 second cameo) Not that i hate Wolverine, but i find he has evolved into his own character, so it was refreshing seeing a X-men movie that was actually focused on the team and not just Wolverine.

This is basically a reboot, without the Hugh Jackman cameo this has nothing to do with the rest of the X-men movies. Hopefully if they make a sequel they follow this movie as an example. In Closing, I think this is just the movie Marvel need. This is my second favorite superhero movie now right behind The Dark Knight. Now all we need is a Deadpool movie so that everything from Wolverine Origins is undone. Until then Green Lantern will have to do.

Rating for "X-men: First Class": 4/5

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