Monday, May 20, 2013

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" First Thoughts (SPOILERS)


 So I just got back from seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness. I was looking forward to this because the 2009 Star Trek movie was how I was introduced to Star Trek, and since then I've watched some of the Original Series and of course Wrath of Khan. As well as every episode featuring Q, because he's Q. Anyway when this movie was announced I was hyped, not only because It was a sequel but because the Villain was being played by Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock fame.

However before I get into Cumberbatch's character I will offer one last Spoiler Warning, for now all I'm going to say is Cumberbatch does a great job. Okay if you are still reading this you don't care about spoilers so I'm going to continue. So the character the Cumberbatch play is not-so-shockingly Khan. Now I can see why some people can have problem with this since Benedict Cumberbatch look's absolutely nothing like Ricardo Montalbán however I still think he does a good job. For most of the movie he isn't really the antagonist however he get's there by the end.

Since Khan is in this you can expect some references to "Wrath of Khan," but not the way I was expecting. For example Kirk die's the same way Spock dies in the "Wrath of Khan." Which causes Spock to scream "KHAN!!" like Kirk did. However unlike the "Wrath of Khan" they didn't have the ball's to keep the character dead since they cure death by using Khan's blood. I mean I'm not saying Kirk should of stayed dead but if they were going to do it then do it. It would of been a better dead then the one In Star Trek Generations. Don't have an emotional scene where a character sacrifices themselves for the greater good if your just going to bring them back in the end. I shouldn't have to compare this to Ultima 9. The movie just ends abruptly too Spock knocks out Khan, Kirk wakes up, goes to a memorial, does the "Space. The Final Frontier" thing, and the end.

Despite how I'm sounding I did like the movie The actors did a great job, especially Carl Urban as Doctor McCoy. Seriously he does such a great job that if I had my eyes closed I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him and DeForest Kelley. The cinematography was good, and the CGI was top notch. It did have a few shots that looked like they were made for 3D though. Overall I really liked it, if your new to Star Trek or a fan I'd say it's a must watch but I still think "Wrath of Khan" or "All Good Things" are better. I would of given this a five but the ending kind of made me change the score. So...

Rating: 4/5

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