Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Iron Man 3" First Thoughts


So earlier today I went to go see Iron Man 3 with a couple of friends from work. I wasn't really looking forward to this however I was actually really surprised with this movie. This movie was really good. I'm not going to say that it's better then the Avengers or Thor but it's definitely better then Iron Man 1 or 2. The actors do a great job especially Ben Kingsley and Robert Downy Jr as always. All the characters have great chemistry, and it makes the whole movie more enjoyable.

There is a big controversy involving the Mandarin. Now before I say what I have to say I suggest you go see the movie because I can't talk about the twist without giving away massive spoilers. So if your not already aware the Mandarin in this movie isn't real. He's an actor Aldrich Killian hired as a way to blame the explosions caused by Extremis on a terrorist. So he is in fact "a dude playing a dude, disguised as another dude." So alot of fans do not like this, and for good reason. However I think the changes they made fit in the movie and I liked the twist. At the end however Killian says he's the Mandarin, which kinda makes sense but I think fans probably wanted the see the Actual Mandarin. Despite this I still liked the twist and if I didn't already know about it before I went into the theater I probably would of never seen it coming.

This movie was just fun to watch. Watching Tony jump from one Iron Man suit to tanother during the climax was amazing, however it did make the armors look really flimsy. I also kind of wish they at least tried to find a way to reference Norman Osborn since in the comics he is the Iron Patriot. I know the Spider-Man Film's are owned by SONY but I'm sure you guys could of come up with some way to reference him, I mean you referenced the Super Friends in the movie. Which leads me to wonder just what is DC Comics in the Marvel Universe. Anyway before I ramble on some more I thought it was a good movie, and a great way to start the Summer Superhero movies.

Rating: 4/5

(NOTE: The after credits scene is funny but it might not be worth sitting threw the whole credits to see. Unless your a big Hulk fan.)

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