Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1 Review


Hello everyone. It's been a while, and a lot has happened since I was gone. Some of you may remember a year and a half ago I looked at Ultimate Spider-Man #160 in which the Ultimate universe version of Spider-Man was killed off. That comic was so good it made my Top 5 of 2011. So now Marvel has decided to kill Spider-Man again. But this time for real, and it's not very good.

For those of you who haven't been reading the comics, Doctor Octopus has been dieing for quite some time now. In a last ditch effort to save himself he switches minds with Spider-Man, gaining all his memory's in the process. Yes that's right the last story arc in this comic before Spider-Man dies is a brain switching story. Were already off to a bad start. Anyway trapped in Doctor Octopus' dieing body Peter must race to stop Doc Ock's plan, and get his body back.

However since they have each others memory's and been fighting for so long they fight to a stalemate. Peter's time is up. But since him and Doc Ock are still connected Doc Ock see's Peter's life flash before his eyes. Unable to take it he asks how Peter can deal with all this, and Peter tells him because "With great power there must come great responsibility." Then he dies, and Amazing Spider-Man #700 ends with Doc Ock renouncing his evil ways and becoming the new Spider-Man. That's right Doc Ock is now Spider-Man. Excuses me for a second while I laugh.

But were not done yet because were going to take a look and see if Doc Ock really is a more superior Spider-Man then Peter Parker. The main plot is about Spider-Ock trying to to stop the new Sinister Six. However after getting punched a lot by Speed Demon he just leaves however he does save a police officer, and stops the Living Brain. He then proceeds to act like a d*ck to all of Peters friends, goes on a date MJ and stares at her boobs the whole time. I'm starting to think having the Super-Villian be the new Spider-Man wasn't such a good idea. Especially Doc Ock who is the king of arrogance.

Anyway he confronts the Sinister Six again but this time he's prepared, and used his knowledge to quickly subdue them all. He then almost kills Boomerang but he is stopped by an unknown force. Spider-Ock wonders what made him stop, and it turns out Peter is still alive. Maybe. I'm not really sure if he's still inside Doc Ocks subconscious or his a ghost. Either way it's a loop hole for the writers when they feel like bringing him back. Anyway the comic ends with Peter vowing to find a way back.

Now I might be coming off as hating this but I'm actually not. The problem with this book is that it's the most absurd idea I have ever heard. This is so silly it's almost Silver Age. I mean I enjoy Doc Ock being a d*ck to everybody. I mean what did you expect. It's Doc Ock. That's who he is. Besides I know this isn't going to last, and the ending of Superior Spider-Man #1 confirmed that. This is just a publicity stunt to make fanboy's outraged so they get more press on there book. It's really not worth getting upset over.

The only other reason I can see they would do this is in order to get Mary Jane and Peter back together with out undoing "One More Day." If that's the case I think they could of done a better job then this but either way it's not going to last. I'll be surprised if this even lasts 12 issues. But if your still upset about this go read Bendis' All New Ultimate Spider-Man, and just stay away from this book until everything is back to normal. However I'm going to keep reading this for the sheer absurdity. I just wish instead of naming the book the Superior Spider-Man they named it the Amazing Octavius.

Amazing Spider-Man #700: 4/5
Superior Spider-Man #1: 2/5

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