Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Of A Kind Review

Two-face is probably the most interesting of Batman's villains. He is also one of the most sympathetic. A good example of this is today's comic. Actually it's short comic included in Batman Black and White, but It is also included in Batman Mad Love and Other Stories which is what I have. Before you read this I highly recommend you check out the amazing Fandub of the motion comic by LordJazor. In order to understand the comic better.The comic starts with Two Face narrating about a genius named Marilyn Crane. Marilyn was able to heal Two Face, and after some therapy he was Harvey Dent again.

The two started to date, but one day when shopping for wedding rings they are greeted by Marilyn's twin sister Madeline. They leave, and Marilyn apologizes for not telling Harvey about her Sister since she was worried it would "Ignite Two-Face's obsession with Duality." Later that night while Harvey is working, he is greeted by Madeline who is pretending to be Marilyn. He realizes this but eventually gives in to his desires, and he has an affair with Madeline.

Eventually he decides to stop fooling around with Madeline, who doesn't take it well, and storms out. He get's worried, and heads to Marilyn's apartment. However when he get's there he finds Marilyn who has been murdered. He doesn't know what to do but he know someone who does. So he takes some coal from the fire place, and burn's the left side of his face. He meet's Madeline on a dock, and shoots her. Then he waits for Batman to come, and take him back to where he belongs."With the rest of the crazy people."

This is a great story. It has great character stuff, and really does make me feel sad for Two Face. It's probably one of my favorite Batman story, and Batman isn't even in it. The art and story is by Bruce Timm, who you may know from Batman the Animated Series. He does a great job as usual. Overall I definitely recommend this to any Batman fans.

Rating: 5/5

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