Friday, April 27, 2012

Archie's Megaman #2 Review

Today were going to look at the continuing adventures of the Blue Bomber in the second issue of Archie's Megaman comic. Since I already review issue 1, and the fact that this is kinda an origin story, I'm going to skip right to the comic. The story is about Megaman going to stop the first 3 Robot Masters, Bombman, Gutsman, and Cutman. During the course of this comic, Megaman feels conflicted about destroying other Robots. This eventually leads to him becoming more cold and distant after defeating both Bombman and Gutsman.

Doctor Light and Roll start to worry about him. He starts to struggle during the fight with Cutman, and Roll gives him a pep talk. He then realizes that he has to do this, and continues his fight against Cutman and wins. The comic then ends with Dr. Wily preparing his fortress in case Megaman can beat the remaining 3 Robot Masters.

What drives the story is Megaman's morality. He is a kind person that volunteered to become a war machine in order to help people. He is going against his own nature, and it's killing him inside. However he eventually realizes that this is what he has to do, and becomes almost arrogant about it towards then end. This will become more apparent next issue, and come back to bite him in issue 9, 10, and 11.

However Megaman himself is not the only one effected by this. Dr. Light sees him as a son, and Roll sees him as a brother. It's rough for both of them seeing him becoming more, and more of a cold-hearted killing machine. We also get a mention of Blues while Megaman is fighting a Sniper Joe. Which makes me wonder if something similar to what's happening to Megaman happened to him 

The art this issue is also great, and this is an overall enjoyable book. It goes to show how a comic can be great for all ages. I highly recommend this comic. If you want to try it out I believe Archie is releasing the first issue for free during free comic book day which is coming up on March 5th, and if you like it the trade paperback has been released which contains the first story arc.

Rating: 4/5

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