Friday, February 24, 2012

The Deadly Duo #4 Review

As Image month comes to a close, I only have one more comic to review. I would tell you the history of this comic but I can't find it anywhere. All I can gather is that it was a series that lasted 4 issues, and it's about two heroes called Kill-Cat and Kid Avenger. Other then that I got nothing. So let's get started. The comic starts off with Kill-Cat and Kid Avenger on the set of a movie based on there heroics. The movie itself is a cheesy action movie, going so far as staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Nice casting.

During one of the scenes Arnold loses control of his gun. Kill-Cat realizes that something is wrong with the gun, and stop him with the help of Kid Avenger and a girl named Riptide. From Youngbloods. Anyway they start to film the next scene in Alaska, I think. They don't really say where they are.

The actor playing a villain called Radiator is knocked out by the real Radiator who then pretends to be the fake Radiator. Anyway he uses on of the helicopter props to cause, avalanche and the three heroes have to save everyone again. Kill-Cat and Radiator get in a fight, and Radiator reveals the reason he did this was because he wasn't the main villain in the movie.

Anyway the fight ends when Radiators powers melt the ice he's standing on. The comic ends with Kid Avenger coming to help Kill-Cat, and his rocket boots melt the ice some more trapping both of them in the ice with Radiator.

Let's start with the plot. It's stupid. It feels like a parody of Superhero movies. Even the characters feel like a parody, and are very very silly. The art is bad 90's art to the max. Apparently this is the last issue, and it's obvious why. Overall this is not a good comic by any means. So Image month is over, and next week were going to look at something more modern. Something more mainstream.

Rating: 1/5

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