Thursday, March 24, 2016

”Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” First Thoughts

So i'm literally minutes back from seeing Batman V. Superman and I thought before I read any angry reviews I'll put up my thoughts about it. Before I start however I'm going to say that this contains possible spoilers for the movie so go see the movie before reading the rest of this.


So I didn't really like Man of Steel, I hated it in fact. I even said if it got a sequel I would refuse to watch it. The casting choices didn't help. However everything changed when I saw the first trailer. After the scene where Bruce Wayne is trying to save people while Superman and Zod fight, I thought this might not be so bad. After finally seeing it I can say that I was very surprised how much I liked this movie. Even though I do think it has some problems. But let's start out with the good.

Ben Affleck steals this movie. He just might be the closest we've gotten to the comic book Batman. In this continuity he's been been Batman for 20 years and he hardened and angry. It's assumed he lost a Robin and now he's pissed at Superman for destroying Metropolis when he was fighting Zod. I'm not really sure how to feel about how he brands people but I think that's just the Zorro influence. The only thing I don't really like was his regular costume. The armor and post-apocalypse suit looked fine but the regular suit looked a bit off I think it's the fact I can see his eyes.

The majority of The Man of Steel cast comes back with the exception of Russel Crowe. Even Kevin Costner and Michael Shannon came back and both there characters were dead with no way to come back. All the cast do a better job then in Man of Steel. Henry Cavill is much better as Superman in this movie then in Man of Steel. The only person I didn't really like much is Lois Lane, she doesn't really have anything to do in this movie and she seems like shes just there for the sake of being there.

A tiny problem I had with the movie was it took a long time to get started, and it did alot of weird cutting around. Including a random scene in the middle of a dream sequence of a super hero from the future (I have no idea who he is, he kind of looked like the Flash) warning Bruce that he was right about Superman and Lois Lane was the key. It comes out of nowhere and has nothing to do with this movie. Alot of scenes like this could of been taken out to shorten this very long movies' length.

I'm going to talk about the ending now so I'll give you one last spoiler warning before I do. They actually did it. They had the balls to go threw with Superman dieing in the fight with Doomsday. I know he's probably going to come back but still I, as well as the rest of the audience, was pretty shocked that they did such a bold choice. The way it's shown his death is the reason for creating Justice League, since Batman feels guilt that Superman died and wants to find the other Meta humans because of it.

But anyway I think it about time to wrap this up. I didn't even talk about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor who I actually really liked. But I've been writing for about an hour now and it's getting late so. I think Batman V Superman is worth your time and if you give it a chance you might be surprised. Also there is no secret scene at the end of the movie just 6 minutes of credits. This has been The Mystery Theatre signing out.

--EDIT-- I forgot to mention that I really like the score. It's hard to say why but it feels like a really Super Hero-ish score.

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