Thursday, May 22, 2014

The New 52: Future's End #2 Review


So DC has decide to release another Weekly Series in the same vain as "52" and "Countdown to Final Crisis," which will also be this year's New 52 September Gimmick. Future's End is a series staring all the characters that had books that were canceled in the New 52 like Mister Terrific and Firestorm. The series began in an Apocalyptic Future where a robot made by Mister Terrific and Bruce Wayne called Brother Eye has pretty much taken over the world and assimilated most of the heroes. As a last ditch effort Bruce Wayne sends Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond, back in time in order to stop it.

Anyway the main focal point of this issue was that Green Arrow was killed at the end of last issue. However since this is the Future it makes it really hard to have a emotional response since for all I know this could be retconned in a years time. Anyway the majority of this comic takes place during Oliver's Funeral. The heroes talk about how great a person Oliver was, and how he united the people when survivors from another Earth came to theirs. I will get to that later.

Jason Rusch (one-half of Firestorm) feel's guilty for Green Arrows death due to the fact that they could of been there to save him but Ronnie Raymond (the other half) wouldn't fuse together with him in time because he was trying to have sex with a girl. Arsenal calls him out on this, and they fight until Firestorm leaves angry. The comic ends with a package being delivered to Lois Lane that says "GO ALONE TRUST NO ONE ELSE" with a broken off Red Arrow, a pack of the Wounded Duck Matches, and a Green Pyramid. Okay weird?
Nice "Arrow" reference.

This comic is pretty much a way to give some of these lesser known characters some much needed screen time and a way to have an in-continuity Batman Beyond. So far it's been fine even thought the plot has been done before *coughdaysofuturespastcough* and even been done recently*coughageofultroncough*. But other then that it's fine. The flashbacks to Oliver's life are pretty good and the eulogy by Animal Man was really well written. However weirdly this doesn't feel like the New 52 Green Arrow,  It feel's like Pre-Flashpoint Green Arrow. The same goes for Arsenal, neither of them look or act like there New 52 counterparts. Which admittedly isn't a bad thing, just unexpected.

One complaint I must say before we end this, even though it isn't a complain on this issue but for the series. We have a teaser image that was show for "Earth Two: World's End."(which you can see below) It not only insinuates the death of my favorite Green Lantern but also the death of my favorite Superhero, Doctor Fate. Who was the only reason I gave DC another chance after all there bullsh*t. I will not be pleased if he dies, and is not in comics again for who knows how long. Plus the scene earlier also insinuates that the Survivors of Earth 2 take residence on the main DC Earth after Darkseid's forces possible destroy their Earth. But anyway despite some problems I'm going to keep reading for now, but I can't really recommend it. Especially if your reading it for Batman Beyond. I would just read Justice League Beyond 2.0 which is much better even though it's not in continuity.
Sh*t I forgot to mention Huntress.

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